Wedding photography styles can be of different types; contemporary wedding photography is a widely popular style but it does not mean the same thing to everyone. It may indicate the latest wedding photography trends or artistic snapshots of the groom and bride that are taken separately by the photographer; these are isolated from reportage shots and group photos. This is where the wedding photographer can make full use of his creative freedom.

It may be a good idea to do a contemporary wedding photo short because this gives the newly-weds quality time after the ceremony to spend with one another, something that is rather rare in most weddings. The shoot is fun especially when you bond well with your photographer. Moreover, in contemporary-styled wedding photos, you can get rather fashionable images that are perfect for later use in thank-you cards. You can also get breathtaking images of the two of you in your wedding attire in idyllic surroundings; these photos will capture your happiness perfectly. While such photographs may have some posed shots, these are typically far more relaxed as the photographer is keen to explore the lights and angles during the shoot. The focus of contemporary wedding photographs is the emotions of the day and not so much the grandiose or the glitter of the event. The photographers tend to experiment with newer techniques like light prisms for dazzling effects and tilt shift lenses. Typical examples of contemporary styled wedding photos may be one of the giggling bridesmaids flaunting their vibrant heels or the little flower girls rushing to cover their eyes as the couple kisses. Boudoir photography is gaining immense popularity in the fashion industry. Many fans eagerly wait for such photos.

Some contemporary styled wedding photographs ideas:

  • One of the most popular contemporary wedding photo ideas is a shot of the bride and groom walking hand in hand towards the beach.
  • A picture of the bridesmaid helping the bride to get her dress and veil in place, or adjusting the train before she walks down the aisle.
  • A shot of the newly-wed walking together, talking and smiling, under the trees, in an open space far from the rest of the wedding entourage.
  • A black-and white image of the groom and bride as they stand together facing one another and looking into each other’s eyes; the cameraman focuses only on their expressions and takes a candid shot.
  • A picture of the newly-weds kissing behind the bouquet of flowers that they hold in front.
  • An image of the pretty bridesmaids dressed in the same color, flaunting their matching umbrellas and striking candid poses.
  • A picture of the groom and bride relaxing on the floor or reclining against the sofa as they chat happily over drinks unaware that they are being clicked.
  • An image of the happy couple as they walk out of the church hand-in-hand just before bidding adieu to the crowd as they drive away for their honeymoon.
  • A picture of the bride-to-be from the back when she is wearing her wedding gown and stares out of the window as she holds onto a bouquet of white flowers and waits for the ceremony to start.
  • A candid snapshot of the bride and her best friend as they share a little laugh before she walks onto the aisle.